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Conveniently located ¼ mile South of the Sunrise Highway, inside the Valero gas station.

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226 Islip Ave., Islip, NY 11751


Only top quality parts used

Full-Brake Services

Route 111 Tire & Auto knows your brakes are the most important safety component your vehicle.

We have the experience and knowledge necessary to advise the best option for you and your safety,

by inspecting the hardware and components, and if needed, replacing any worn brake components,

and have you back on the road safely.

Warning signs brake exhibit

  • Brake warning light on dash

  • Grinding

  • Squealing

  • Loss of brake pedal pressure (feels spongy)

  • Pulsating brake pedal when pressure is applied

Come by our shop

Warranty on brake pads and shoes

We will perform a brake inspection and only use top quality parts. We also guarantee a LIFETIME warranty on brake pads and shoes. Inquire about our pick-up and drop-off service!

Put your brake problems behind you, while enjoying a LIFETIME warranty.

We will use over 30 years' experience to your advantage, call:

Brake systems work by creating friction, and will inevitably become subject to wear over time. Our professionals will correctly evaluate the degree of wear and whether replacement is necessary.



Our technicians know every aspect of your brake system and can perform repair on any vehicle.

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